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Aug 7, 2013 12:00am PDT
of the "washington post." we'll talk about his book, "collission 2012: obama vs. romney and the future of elections in america." and also, about the sale of the "washington post." >> 2008 campaign was a campaign about hope and change, and an aspiration that barack obama gave to people that then he tried to fulfill. one of the reasons i called this book "collission 2012" was there was the america that voted in 2008 for barack obama, and there was the america that voted voten 2010 to bring republicans into power in the house, and the question was this was a clash between those two americas. >> rose: we conclude this evening with hugh laurie, the star of house, who has a new album, a blues albull called "didn't it rain." >> it's an extraordinary physical pleasure to me-- well, to everyone. this is a thing i keep thinking about with acting. acting is an intriguing and absorbing problem, but at the end of the day, after a hard day at work, nobody goes home and relaxes by doing a bit of acting. >> rose: same thing, yes. >> whereas with music, everybody-- no matter what their job is, it is probably one of
Aug 14, 2013 11:00pm PDT
president obama canceled his visit to moscow to meet with president putin (in international affairs people say putin is anti-american. i say no, he's non-american. he has a foreign policy from europe to the middle east that's different from america. he takes pride in that and on the basis of that he's made allies. to give snowden, a highly symbolic figure given the surveillance issue would have collided with what putin's done in international affairs. but at home he has a political elite. forget society. the political elite didn't want him to make this concession to the united states. >> rose: we conclude with julian guthrie, a journalist who has written a book about larry ellison called "the billionaire and the mechanic." it details the story of his quest for the america's cup. >> and it was expected that larry would partner with a better-known yacht club on san francisco's waterfront, the st. francis yacht club. and there's a fun story in the book about what happened or what didn't happen between the st. francis and larry ellison. but it's a story that doesn't come along very often and i
Aug 28, 2013 11:00pm PDT
're crazy. you must be living in another world." >> rose: let me move to that, 2008, november, barack obama, the first black american elect elected. what did it mean, tell me? because people, i think, in some cases don't genuinely appreciate what it meant to see-- i just saw the butler, "the butler" which is about the butler, and oprah winfrey is in it and forrest whittaker is brilliant. and there's a sort of amazing scene in which she has died, the wife has died, and resigned from the white house, retired, watches president obama accept the adulation of the crowd, having won that election. what did it mean to so many black americans to see him elected? >> well, the night that obama was declared the president -- >> he was? chicago. >> he was in chicago. i was in atlanta at dr. king's old church. >> rose: watching television in. >> watching on television. i cried. i cried. i was speaking at the pulpit, and i looked back and i saw that he had carried pennsylvania. he had carried ohio. i knew it was over. i jumped so high, i didn't think my spheet were ever going to touch the ground and i crie
Aug 6, 2013 12:00am PDT
that has come up in the last two days is the obama administration has claimed that al qaeda is in deep trouble. i think that claim is true. and they're kind of-- but they're also saying if the organization is if deep trouble why did we just close 22 embassies and consulates in 17 different countries. and i think both statements are true. i mean an organization that is in deep trouble can still talk to each other and make threatening statements that we pick upment does it mean that they're operationalizing something, does it mean they have the capability, that's a whole different question. and as a factual matter the last time they attacked successly in the west was july 7th -- 005 in london. >> rose: we conclude with dr. atul gawande who wrote an interesting piece in the "new yorker" magazine about innovation. >> the most intriguing question in my mind is health care has been about the individual doctor and their brilliance for the last half century, where we've had knowledge and capabilities. but now the knowledge and the capability has outstripped what our own, any one of our brains
Aug 20, 2013 6:00am EDT
...el presidente barack obama ya se encuentra en casa blanca donde se prepara para trabajar con dos tareas que dejo pendientes antes de salir de vacaciones... el llegar a un acuerdo con los republicanos en torno a a este tema para evitar el cierre del gobierno y continuar su presion para lograr la aprobacion de una reforma migratoria... fernando pizarro con los detalles. las vacaciones del presidente obama ya son pasado, y ahora el mandatario tiene 2 desafios pendientes, el presupuesto y la reforma migratoria. el presidente y el congreso tienen que llegar a 1 acuerdo sobre el presupuesto antes del 30 de spetiembre, de lo contrario existe la amenaza nuevamente del cierre del gobierno federal. organizaciones conservadoras se enfocan en quitarle fondos a la reforma de salud como requisito para aprobar el financiamiento del gobierno. israel ortega, editor heritage libertad la fundacion heritage esta recorriendo el pais tratando de abogar por revocar los fondos para obamacare porque pensamos que es la ultima oportunidad que tenemos realmente para prevenir que esa ley sea implementada y pensamos que es i
Aug 23, 2013 6:00am EDT
soldado tenia una peluca rubia y lapiz labial.... la administracion del presidente obama anuncio hoy su plan para hacer mas accesible la educacion universitaria en el pais... busca que se evaluen los costos de las carreras universitarias y tambien el nivel de la deuda de los estudiantes... fernando pizarro nos amplia.. en buffalo, nueva york, el presidente propuso reformar como se ranquea a las universidades basandose en si los costos cada vez mas altos valen la pena para los estudiantes y sus familias. el sistema que se implantaria en 2 anos, mediria diferentes factores economicos de las universidades. presidente obama con cuanta deuda sale el estudiante promedio? que tan facil es pagarla? cuantos estudiantes se graduan a tiempo? que tan bien les va a esos graduados en la fuerza laboral? el presidente, que admitio no haber podido pagar sus propias deudas estudiantiles hasta despues de cumplir los 40 anos, dijo que el sistema ranquearia mejor a escuelas donde sea mas rentable estudiar. segun la asociacion de universidades y colegios hispanos, faltan muchos detalles en la propuesta del p
Aug 22, 2013 5:00am EDT
dollars a year. that figure assumes president obama would pay them 9-dollars an hour.. which is the number he suggested minimum wage should be raised to during his state of the union address in january. the white houseemploys more than three hundred interns each year, with 150 this summer alone. the fair pay campaign, a grassroots lobby, is calling on the president and white house aides to pay interns, saying it's not realistic to work for free. it's one thing to have school pride.. it's another to express it to theme music. listen in. "our tradition of excellence...our mission as students is not to follow in the footsteps of the astronauts, nobel prize lords and presidents who graduated before us, but to exceed their footsteps, crush the shoulders of the giants upon whom we stand. we here are all such innovative people, so i am telling you...if you want to change the world, you're at georgia tech, you can do that! if you want to build the iron man suit, you're in georgia te, you can do that! if you want to play theme music during your convocation speech like a bad a, we're at georgia tech
Aug 20, 2013 11:00pm PDT
., the vietnam war and watergate. his life, wrote president obama after allen's death in 2010, represented an important part of the american story. now a new movie has been made inspired by eugene allen's story. here is the trailer for lee daniels' "the butler." >> are you political mr. gaines? >> no, sir. >> good. we have no tolerance for politics at the white house. >> i'm cecil gaines. i'm the new butler. >> you hear nothing, you say nothing. you only serve. >> you know he got that job himself? the white house called him, he didn't call the white house. >> i want to hear all the stories. >> i don't know how many stories you're going to hear because they done swore them to some kind of secret code. >> did you go to an all-colored school, cecil? >> i didn't go to school, mr. president, i grew up on the cotton farm. >> don't you lose your temp we are that man. it's his world, we just live in it. >> about time you go ahead. >> you looking for some help? >> you done broke our window, you done stole our food and now you're asking for a job. >> i know how to serve. >> they said this new white
Aug 21, 2013 6:00am EDT
presidencial y compaÑera de juegos de bo, el famoso perro de la familia obama... sunny es de la misma raza de bo, una perra de aguas primera dama, michelle obama presento a su nueva mascota a traves de las redes sociales.. sunny naciÓ en michigan en junio de 2012, y llegÓ a la casa blanca hoy martes.. segun la casa blanca, sunny es la hermana pequeÑa ideal para bo, llena de energÍa y muy cariÑosa, y la familia presidencial decidiÓ darle ese nombre porque se ajustaba a su personalidad "alegre"!! ...hoy fue el segundo dia de testimonios en el juicio contra latino acusado de dar muerte a una joven universitaria en virginia . ... miles de estudiantes universitarios que regresan a clases en washington recibiran un duro golpe en su economia... ... un nueva investigacion descubre que cantar podria ser una buena terapia para combatir los ronquidos y continuan las temperaturas calidas con una leve probabilidad de lluvias ... hola que tal?... bienvenidos!!.. desgarradoras fueron las declaraciones que se vivieron hoy en la corte en el jucio que se le sigue al guatemalteco de 27 an
Aug 8, 2013 6:00am EDT
story your character is not going to see barack obama elected but you understand what a a -- >> do you know the real mrs. allen died a day before he was elected? she died on november 3! they campaigned for him and she died november 3. >> rose: there's another great line in which eugene allen is -- the butler comes to the white house. he comes to the white house to meet the president and some young aide says to your character, eugene allen, mr. gaines in this case, "i'll show you the way." and what does he say? >> "i know way." (laughter) >> that was a great moment. >> we were talking about had we achieved it yet and it's still sitting on that promissory note that martin luther king talked about, the promissory note of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that this is the note that was promised to all american for human rights so the civil rights movement which isn't really a history, it's a living history. because we're still moving in the same shape towards accomplishing what was the initial promise. he talks about that vault, he refuses to believe that it's empty and that all
Aug 20, 2013 11:00pm EDT
of eeergy... ii honor of sunny's addptioon.. the whhte housee says... the obama family... ade a donation... to the washington humaneesociety. and... a good day, .../ a....long time cominn... to the 1972 miami dolppiiss../ still the only team in the history of he nnf--... to haae an undefeated season... today, aafer 400 yearssof waati ... and... a....11 year... letter writiin one of he teammates, .../ the oophinssffnally got their o recognition at the white hhuse..../ president obama... explaied... why was important for hhm ersonally,... to welcome theseeveterann athletes. ((take sot)) three memmers of the eaa declinnd the iivitation to tte whiie hooss, reasons. it felt more like august today than it has over the last few days. what can ww expect tomorrow? ffx 455weather auuhority meteorologist ony pagnotti oinnsus now with a fiist look at the fooecast. tony? (((en vo)) comiig up ext on the late e
Aug 3, 2013 12:00am PDT
but it doesn't seem like that obama administration administration writ large is very interested in grappling with the challenges of syria, egypt, iraq iran, and so on. >> rose: i've asked you this before, speaking of minds. does anyone know exactly what john kerry's plan is? does he have some new take on this conflict that might leave -- you know the. >> some new formula, some level of creativity, enlarging the conflict, making it smaller. i don't -- i don't know. i haven't read anyone who's said they've known the answer to this. one of the things he's doing-- and this is going to be an acute challenge in this media age-- is he's asked all of the partieslle negotiations our government, the u.s. government, has been very good about not providing specifics. i don't think martin indyk is going to be out there briefing everyone on every sort of incremental step. but this is the question i've been asking, a lot of journalists have been asking is what's different? what's different in the formula? we understand there are things surrounding the issue that are different. the overthrow of morsi and re
Aug 20, 2013 12:00am PDT
agree with most of the decisions made by the secretaries of treasury and both the bush and the obama administration, and as well as a continued judgement of the federal reserve. >> yeah. i am sorry to disappoint by saying those things but i think that's what happened. and i think that the very rapid reaction of the u.s. treasury both at the end of the bush administration and continuing, and the decision to fix the banks immediately, were critical. and the ability to stay with those programs, when you look at the politics, it looks very hard to imagine that there's been consistent approach but there has been. >> rose: but as you know also it created criticism here because people said look, they care more about the banks then they care about main street. >> yeah, well, i'm still surprised that so few bankers have been-- have been holed up for what they did. and it's beginning to happen. but it's a surprise. >> rose: you mean in terms of legal action against the banks. >> by the government. >> rose: you're surprised there haven't been more. >> my guess is that at the time of the crisis,
Aug 21, 2013 11:00pm EDT
will be deterrent for others looking to leak classified information. in another case, the obama ministration declassified three secret court opinions today showing how each year for three years the government collected as many as 56,000 e-mails and other communications by americans not connected to terrorism. -- the document shows the global surveillance operation. >> the number of sexual souls continues to plague the military. the u.s. cable academy says that if -- it is taking further steps to combat the problem. previously, education on the topic would come outside of the classroom as part of seminars and briefings. now it will get prevention lessons early and often. a hearing to determine whether football players will face a court-martial in the sexual assault case is expected to begin this month. >> extra lane seven added to the baltimore county information superhighway. the technology upgrade will fit students there. they will help keep schools safe. tim tooten explains. >> the county executive was a long -- among the showing of the technology. or the six schools with a new fiber-optic
Aug 19, 2013 11:00pm EDT
in the garden. lothed he did a omore snoozing. meet sunny. the dog arrived today. obamas say they are making a donation to the washington humane society. >> late afternoon update to the almanac shows the temperatures bumped up another degree but still ended up eight degrees cooler than normal. significantly cooler than normal. 85 would be typical. in 1914.d high not quite as cold as it has been. 71 over at rock hall. westminster at 68. even western maryland at the 60's so there is a change taking place, turning more humid. over the course of the two days we will feel the typical warm and humid conditions of august return. right now it is a clean sweep. all the way down to the coast. some fog may form as we head awn.rd d looking at high temperatures, scorching hot in the southwest. at 97.k minneapolis at 88. even burlington at 85. we are in the last pocket of cooler than normal fall-like air centered on the mid-atlantic. that will drift away as high pressure builds over the region. our temperatures will go back to normal if not a couple of degrees above normal for a few days thanks to the str
Aug 20, 2013 11:30pm EDT
on tuesday, august 6th, the president of the united states, barack obama, will be on our stage once again. [ cheers and applause ] so that's pretty exciting, yes. very exciting. all right, i love it when we do this bit. this is one of our favorite bits. we set up our phony photo booth over at universal studios. here to tell us about it, the voice of the "photo booth," kira soltanovich. kira, come on out here. ♪ [ applause ] >> hello, hello! >> jay: tell everybody how this works. >> jay, save your voice. >> jay: all right. >> i'll do this. >> jay: all right, go ahead. >> kira, tell everybody how this works. well, jay, i'm glad you asked. we have a photo booth, we set up some hidden cameras. and then i do my sexy robotic voice, and then people come inside the booth accepting free pictures and i don't give them free pictures. [ light laughter ] >> jay: right. >> yes. >> jay: and people will do anything for a free picture. take a look. ♪ i've got your picture i've got your picture i'd like a million of you over myself ♪ >> guys, this is actually tiny. i'm not even joking. >> that's how
Aug 22, 2013 11:00pm EDT
million to develop it. >> collington road trip go together like peanut butter and jelly. president obama took advantage of those topics today. he kicked off a bus tour, talking about the cost of tuition. the president unveiled a plan for a rating system or colleges. the department of education would rank schools based on financial value and use the ratings as a basis for doling out federal financial aid. under the proposal, students at a high rated school get larger grants and more affordable loans. the president wants to tie financial aid to student progress, requiring coursework to be created before eight is extended. >> the bottom line is, if you are getting financial aid, you are doing your part to make progress towards a degree. that is good for you. if you take out debt and you do not get that degree, you are not going to be able to pay out that that -- out that debt. >> the goal is to have college value ratings published before the 2013 school year. you know when to fold them, you will want to know where you will have new poker tables to walk away from. after you win $10 million a
Aug 22, 2013 6:00am EDT
actividades ilicitas en sus comercios... ... el presidente barack obama aprobo de manero oficial la postulacion del alcalde de newark, cory booker para el senado... en un comunicado, el presidente elogio al alcalde democrata por su trabajo en cargos publicos y dijo que es un socio importante en los esfuerzos para reducir la violencia armada, fortalecer la economia y otros temas claves... booker, se proclamo vencedor de las primarias democratas para disputar el puesto de senador de nueva jersey, cargo por el competira contra el aspirante republicano steve lonegan en las elecciones especiales del 16 de octubre.... el abuso laboral sigue siendo un problema en estados unidos... organizaciones comunitarias, agencias federales y la red de consulados mexicanos unen sus fuerzas para tratar de combatir este problema. pedro ultreras nos amplÍa tomÓ solo una firma para que el consulado general de me Éxico en nueva york y el departamento del trabajo federal de ee.uu. sellaran un acuerdo de colaboraciÓn para evitar que mÁs mexicanos en el paÍs sean abusados en el trabajo. "es muy important
Aug 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
or a thousand lives by sbe interdicting terrorism? i know of no case recently under the obama administration, under the bush administration, under the clinton administration where the n.s.a.'s databases have been abused and anyone's liberties have been curtailed. i can't name a single case. nor can the "new york times." now this is a funny confluence where we have libertarians in government on the republican side of the aisle and progressives on the democratic side of the aisle kind of coming together to protect our liberties. but i can't think of where our liberties have been infridged, i can't think of one example. >> rose: so the way can t system is working just fine with you. >> i wish the system was working better. i wish we had caught the guys in boston and we are making the systems better and better and better. but thank god that snowden has gone to russia, a country known for its high standards of the rule of law and human rights. so i'm sure he's very comfortable with his -- >> rose: do you think he damaged our national security by what he did? >> i think -- no. i think -- >> rose:
Aug 23, 2013 11:00pm PDT
eisenhower to obama. no one has had so much respect from his peers. he and jack nicklaus defined great rivalry like magic johnson and larry bird, like john mcenroe and bjorn borg like duke and north carolina. when jack kennedy was in power, arnold palmer was winning everything. he was the best. so good that the president wanted arnie to look at his swing and come play a round. arnold palmer's a pilot and a hugely successful businessman. he and the late mark mccormack showed us what endorsements were all about. he was most of all a competitor and a gentleman and he still is as he approaches his 82nd birthday. we visited his home in pennsylvania. he still lives there. and also in florida with his second wife during the winter. right across from the golf course his father helped build. nearby is an office with enough awards to fill a museum. we began with a tour of so many memories and then a conversation about so many experiences. this is a norman rockwell. >> well, i'll tell you a little more about that. that was done a number of years ago. >> rose: yeah. >> well, obviously. >> rose: wh
Aug 10, 2013 12:00am PDT
. >>> presidential news conference, president obama spent the afternoon addressing a number of issues important to both business and the american people. from healthcare to the fed, to the government surveillance program. >>> donnie brooke in isle six, the battle between j.c. penney, the ceo and shareholders in public. is this war fair ever good for shareholders. >>> bringing jobs home. more
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)